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Ryan’s Journey

22 May Posted by in 2012 World Cups | 1 comment
Ryan’s Journey

The road to London so far has been long and hard, but a very rewarding journey. For me being close with my friends and training partners has made a huge difference. They are the ones that have pushed me and kept me strong. My family and girlfriend were there when I was emotionally broken to pick me back up and say “keep going you can do it”. Last weekend my teammate and partner Hugues Fournel and I were able to win ourselves a bronze medal at World Cup 1 in Poznan, Poland. It was a great race and it helped our sprits having most all of the people from the final at the world championship in 2011 in attendance. The French (current world champions) and British (last year’s silver medalists) were the two crews to finish in front of us. Also, are friends the Danish finished 4th by 0.002. The races are so close we don’t always know where we finish. Standing on the podium looking up at the Canadian flag flying will be one thing I will never forget, as you can tell by the post picture above. When I looked up emotions began to flow as I felt all my loved ones who have passed over the years looking down at me, with smiles and pride as only I could imagine.

This weekend I will race World Cup 2 in Germany and will be searching for the podium again. Afterwards I will return home, train hard, and do everything possible to hear the Canadian anthem play in London this summer.


One comment

  • Brenda Franklin says:

    Ryan..Your granddad would have been so proud. You are right, stating that in your post, looking at the Canadian flag and feeling all your loved ones who have passed over looking down at you. Absolutely. He was one of the kindest men. I remember him so fondly. He told us about the lilac hedge he had planted diligently as whips between our properties when we lived on Hawthorne street. They brought us so much joy, those lilacs. I still garden relating my experiences at

    We are thinking of you every day and want you to know, we are behind you and cheering for you, as I am sure everyone in your Windsor community are. We no longer live there, but on the south shore down near Chester.

    God bless.
    The Franklins

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