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Alberta Love From Timberlea

17 Jul Posted by in Special Events | 2 comments
Alberta Love From Timberlea

It seems in going to the Olympics you find out who really has been following you and supporting you all along. Even when we lose touch with friends from the past there is always a brief moment in time when you are re-connected once again by an event or accomplishment. And that is something you cannot take for granted.

I recently received a package from St. Ambrose School in Calgary. And now independently of that school’s support I received yet another heartwarming package. This time it was from Timberlea Public School in Fort McMurray, Alberta.

Sarah-Leigh Chaulk (Sarah Keddy as I used to know her) a friend whom with I grew up and have had some very fun memories with, moved out west to teach. She told me she always looks for “teachable moments” to inspire her class. She has humbled me by using me as a “teachable moment.” No words can be put together to show my thanks and appreciation for this moment.

As I read the letters Sarah’s class sent me I get chills and goose bumps of inspiration. They all wished me good luck, and said they were proud of me, were going to watch me at the Olympics and have watched me race over YouTube. But one question that quite a few of them asked me, which I have to answer is:

 Is it hard to kayak, and is it hard to race at the Olympics?

The answer I have for them and everyone else reading is as follows:

“YES……. it is very hard, but very rewarding. There is no easy path in life worth taking; every road has dirt, potholes, bends, sharps turns, bumps, and objects in the way. Each time you overcome something it’s a battle won. And each time you lose or don’t perform exactly the way you wanted to it should be a lesson learned. It may be cliché but always take the road less taken… it always leads to glory or will always help you learn something about yourself you never knew before. Each day that I push harder it hurts more. But each day I push harder I learn I am capable of more…. and so the cycle continues.”

I want to thank Sarah and her Class from Timberlea Public School for their messages of encouragement and support heading into the Olympics. Click on image below to enlarge:

Image of Messages of Support and Encouragement from Timberlea Public School Students in Fort McMurray, Alberta



  • joyce Anne HInes says:

    Hi Ryan, Just wanted to wish you well on your Olympic journey. I have been hearing over the years about the hard work and determination you have given in achieving this goal. Congratulations and enjoy every second!

    Joyce Anne ( Mrs. Hines, Windsor Elementary School)

  • Lyndsey Mackenzie (class of 1999 Windsor Regional) says:

    Hey. Just wanted to wish you all the best. Enjoy the experience. Wish that we could all be there rooting for you.

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