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Team Boats in Canada

27 Nov Posted by in News | Comments
Team Boats in Canada

Canada on Team Boats……..

2012 was a hard year for Canadian team boats, as a country we were only able to qualify one team boat across all distances and disciplines. I had the great honor to be able to compete for Canada at the 2012 Olympic Games in London…. in a team boat with my partner Hugues Fournel.

Although we had a wonderful team, and had a great time it felt like we were missing something as I’m sure the whole team would agree. We were missing two K4′s and a C2, as well as another mens K2 and a woman’s K2.

Our Country is very strong in the individual disciplines as a whole, having many people through the years winning medals at worlds and the olympics. So why are we not doing better in the team boat classes.

I believe it has something to do with attitude, although we do have great team boat athletes in canada that K1, or C1 spot is held in such high regard and sometimes seems like people are using the team boats as a fall back if they do not win the single. Of course I’m generalizing.

I have heard the question “how do i make the olympics some day” a lot recently and my best advice is simple, do more team boats and with a lot of people. We have to learn how to paddle with more than one person and be fast with not just one person. A good team boat athlete is adaptable. Not only to the person they are paddling with, but other people as well.

I have answered the above question and received some interesting responses. One common one is “my coach wants us to do K1, because thats how you make the national team.”  This is true and maybe needs to change a bit, but a great team boat paddler can preform in their single and be great in the crew as well. My partner and I are always trying to better our single, not because we want the single entry, but because its about raising our level in all aspects of the sport.

So to sum up, club coaches get your kids in crew boats more, and athletes keeps bugging them to get into team boats. One person gets the singles entry every year, there are a lot of team boats, so when you make the team its best to come prepared for anything and everything.

Good luck and PADDLE HARD.

The views and opinions I express are my own.

Ryan Cochrane
2012 Olympic kayaker K2-200m


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